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FAUNA Top with crossover necklineFAUNA Top with crossover neckline
SOFIA Cashmere turtleneckSOFIA Cashmere turtleneck
SOFIA Cashmere turtleneck Sale price$94.00
MATILDE Cashmere t-shirtMATILDE Cashmere t-shirt
MATILDE Cashmere t-shirt Sale price$94.00
LENORA Blouse with bowLENORA Blouse with bow
LENORA Blouse with bow Sale price$308.00
GRISELDA Sweater with applicationsGRISELDA Sweater with applications
LORELAI Tulle turtleneckLORELAI Tulle turtleneck
LORELAI Tulle turtleneck Sale price$168.00
NICOLE Basic turtleneckNICOLE Basic turtleneck
NICOLE Basic turtleneck Sale price$104.00
CREAM Basic t-shirtCREAM Basic t-shirt
CREAM Basic t-shirt Sale price$141.00
BLOOM T-shirt with detailBLOOM T-shirt with detail
BLOOM T-shirt with detail Sale price$202.00
CHLOE Black sweater with heartCHLOE Black sweater with heart
SERENELLA Ivory t-shirtSERENELLA Ivory t-shirt
SERENELLA Ivory t-shirt Sale price$238.00
MAGO' Turtleneck with maxi flowerMAGO' Turtleneck with maxi flower
GUENDALINA Sweater with dachshundGUENDALINA Sweater with dachshund
PIMPINELLA T-shirt with rosesPIMPINELLA T-shirt with roses
NIMUE Houndstooth waistcoatNIMUE Houndstooth waistcoat
NIMUE Houndstooth waistcoat Sale price$210.00
POLGARA T-shirt with heartsPOLGARA T-shirt with hearts
POLGARA T-shirt with hearts Sale price$190.00
GERTRUDE Sweater with rosesGERTRUDE Sweater with roses
GERTRUDE Sweater with roses Sale price$168.00
MARINA Soft turtleneckMARINA Soft turtleneck
MARINA Soft turtleneck Sale price$202.00
Save $64.00PLAGG Perforated blousePLAGG Perforated blouse
PLAGG Perforated blouse Sale price$149.00 Regular price$213.00
PEACH T-shirt with extra pinkPEACH T-shirt with extra pink
LEVANTE T-shirt with extra pinkLEVANTE T-shirt with extra pink
NAGINI T-shirt with flowers
NAGINI T-shirt with flowers Sale price$185.00
NINFADORA Shirt with broochNINFADORA Shirt with brooch
NINFADORA Shirt with brooch Sale price$241.00
ALE Basic t-shirtALE Basic t-shirt
ALE Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
ALESSIA Basic t-shirtALESSIA Basic t-shirt
ALESSIA Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
GIULIETTA Basic t-shirtGIULIETTA Basic t-shirt
GIULIETTA Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
MONICA Basic t-shirtMONICA Basic t-shirt
MONICA Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
SERO Basic t-shirtSERO Basic t-shirt
SERO Basic t-shirt Sale price$141.00
AMANDA Blouse with micro rufflesAMANDA Blouse with micro ruffles
MUSA Kimono with applicationsMUSA Kimono with applications
GIULIA Basic t-shirtGIULIA Basic t-shirt
GIULIA Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
VITTORIA Basic t-shirtVITTORIA Basic t-shirt
VITTORIA Basic t-shirt Sale priceFrom $101.00
PAOLA Basic t-shirtPAOLA Basic t-shirt
PAOLA Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
AEOLIE Basic t-shirtAEOLIE Basic t-shirt
AEOLIE Basic t-shirt Sale price$118.00
MERY Basic t-shirtMERY Basic t-shirt
MERY Basic t-shirt Sale price$101.00
Save $44.00GRIFFIN Powder blouseGRIFFIN Powder blouse
GRIFFIN Powder blouse Sale price$102.00 Regular price$146.00
Save $44.00GRIFFIN Yellow blouseGRIFFIN Yellow blouse
GRIFFIN Yellow blouse Sale price$102.00 Regular price$146.00
Save $44.00ANDRE' Jersey turtleneckANDRE' Jersey turtleneck
ANDRE' Jersey turtleneck Sale price$102.00 Regular price$146.00